This class focuses on core, butt and lower body using a mat and "barre." Low impact class great for all fitness levels.

Body Blast

Working the entire body, this class will help you strengthen and tone while getting your heart rate up. All levels welcome.


A cardio workout using gloves and focus mitts giving you a total body workout. Includes Physical contact. All levels welcome.

Cardio Circuit

This class offers a combination of cardio and weight/resistance training set in a circuit to get your heart rate up and your muscles burning.


Using stationary bikes, you will ride your way through a great workout! All levels welcome.

Fit Fab Fun!

A little bit of cardio, a little bit of weight based moves, and a whole lot of fun! Exercises will change weekly so there will be a lot of variety. All levels welcome.

Kick It Up

A fast paced cardio workout incorporating kickboxing combinations. No contact in this class. All levels welcome.


A Pilates and Yoga influenced low impact class that will leave you sweating and energized. All exercises are done with your own bodyweight, no equipment. 

Slow Flow Yoga

This class introduces you to asanas found in our traditional Vinyasa class but at a slower pace. Great for someone new to yoga or wanting to move from Hatha to a more rigorous practice.


Total body resistance workout using hand weights and body weight. All levels welcome.

Vinyasa Yoga

A flowing yoga practice that emphasizes strength and flexibility.

Yoga Level 1

(Hatha Yoga)

Beginner level yoga class focusing on individual poses for stretching and relaxation. Great beginner class!


A fitness party!!! A mix of Latin and other International music with easy to follow steps that make working out feel like a fitness party! All levels welcome.

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